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About us

Aljazari Boarding School

All educational initiatives share the same fundamental educational tenet of placing the needs of students first. Only by implementing a holistic education system can educational institutions be able to achieve their own ideas. As Aljazari Schools of Science and Technology, we take great pride in the fact that, via our educational strategy, we are the forerunners of transformation in education in all facets, with our accreditation and programs, clubs and activities, facilities, academic and administrative staff.

The academic personnel, academic programs, and operational framework of our campuses are compatible. At all levels, the Aljazari Learning Program, or ALJLP, is used. training environments that are adaptable In keeping with our emphasis on practical instruction, ALJ-Labs and workshops have been developed. There are usually 10 to 20 students in each class, and there are counselors available at every level.

Kindergarten, primary school, middle school, and high school are all part of AlJazari International Schools of Science and Technology. Our campus' official languages of teaching are English and Bahasa Indonesia, with Fridays devoted to Arabic. As electives, there are more languages available.


The goal of Aljazari International School is to develop successful people with high potential who can adjust to the realities of modern life. Our framework is divided into two categories in this context:

symbolizes the blending of people and nature

which will lead to a resurrection of ideas and cultures as well as a deeper knowledge of how technology develops.

demonstrates how human beings can be useful, satisfying & valuable

These fundamental aspects of human nature are the path to personal growth and development, which in turn leads to an understanding of one's place in local and global society.

These two ideas served as the foundation for Aljazari School's construction of its educational philosophy, which is based on five integrated models of the generation it seeks to raise:

Happy & Prosperous Generation

which balances morality with finances.

Productive Generation

can utilize a variety of information and technology to produce its own outstanding projects

Independent Generation

whose daily contacts and involvement in multicultural activities are focused on upholding universal morals and values.

Responsible Generation

that acknowledges the importance of nature and respects it.

Socially Inteligent Generation

which converts ideals that are theoretical and emotive into acts that are real and useful.


All departments at the Aljazari Schools of Science and Technology operate in perfect unison with one another and have a clear grasp of their functions, objectives, and goals.

Information Processing (I.T.)

Information technology and software needs of our school are met by the IT department. It ensures the healthy operation of all network, internet access and operating systems that our institution needs. All areas of our school are reinforced with high speed wireless network, all our classrooms are equipped with smart boards and projector devices. Academic activities for dynamic and strong structure in education are carried out cloud-based on Microsoft Office 365, Adobe graphics and video software, Windows and Chrome OS. With the institution automation program and parent information system, our students' homework, absence, exam, behavior etc. information is recorded and parent notifications are made instantly over the system when necessary. All service, security and food etc. in our school and all units are integrated into the system. Computing is responsible for school data security.

Institutional Relations

Corporate relations; It develops relationships with students, academic and administrative staff, parents, alumni, equivalent schools, universities at home and abroad, non-governmental organizations and relevant government institutions. It carries out the works of our institution in the fields of corporate identity and branding.

Administrative Affairs

It is the duty of administrative affairs to ensure that purchasing, invoicing of food, cleaning, security services, transportation, building and facility maintenance, social services and cargo services carried out in our schools are carried out and to communicate with the relevant top units by ensuring coordination in this direction. It is the responsibility of administrative affairs for the operation and follow-up of administrative units.

Finance and Accounting

All accounting and financing processes in our institution are carried out by this unit. Starting from the student registration process, it serves our students and parents on financial matters throughout the education and training process. All transactions are carried out in accordance with the state regulations. The financial strength of the institution is ensured to be continuous and sustainable. It is responsible for the execution of budget, accounting, purchasing and support services in accordance with the institution's policies.

Media and Promotion

The Media and Promotion unit carries out the social and cultural organizations of our institution, in-house activities and corporate activities for external promotion. It coordinates organizations such as conferences, seminars and exhibitions. Makes school promotions and social media studies.

Student Affairs

Student registration procedures, tracking documents, filing and archiving are carried out by student affairs. It is the responsibility of the student affairs to prepare all documents and correspondence related to students.

Human Resources

Aljazari International Schools of Science and Technology maintain their quality in education with their teachers and staff. It works with a dynamic education staff that has human values, is open to self-improvement and new ideas. Employees' working conditions and performances are valued. Job application form and interview reports are evaluated by our board.

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