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Welcome to Aljazari International School

To help students achieve cognitive greatness so they can learn for the rest of their lives and help construct a successful and productive society based on human ideals, science, and knowledge, Aljazari International School works hard. 

The cornerstone concepts of Aljazari International School's teaching approach are talents like technological advancement, renewable energy, cultural diversity, and other abilities that are crucial in the twenty-first century. Whether it be in the curriculum or work technique, construction plans or school campus, our academic team is eager to incorporate these concepts into every part of the institution. 

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Our Philosophy

Al-Quran. ScienceTech. Character Building.

The value of the intellectual diversity and knowledge that comes from the multiculturalism of its students is acknowledged by AlJazari International School. Thus, the language diversity stance, especially in view of our desire to instill in our students Islamic teachings that reflect the broader cultural and civilizational history of the Islamic world.

As a result, the following three languages have been combined to achieve their individual goals: Arabic, which serves as a source for Islamic persona; English, which essentially serves as the follow-up gate to all technological and scientific advancements worldwide; and Indonesia, which serves as the common cultural background to our intuition.

Additionally, AlJazari International School offers instruction for all grade levels, with a primary and kindergarten emphasis in the early years to high school. AlJazari International School's principal objective is to establish its educational effect by producing influential social and professional beings.

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A School for Innovators

Our education program aims to boost the necessary skills of students to prepare them to be active and insightful citizens in the future.

Explore the World

The fact that we are unable to go exploring outside does not preclude us from learning about magnificent worlds found in books or creating our own.

Science Tech

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Meet Our Founde

Dr. Eng. Bayu Indrawan

Founder & President Director

Dr. Eng. Tri Sesilia

Director of Human Resources, IT & Admins

dr. Ifada Wulandari, MMRS

Director of Academic & Student Affairs

Rezni Dinanti, SE

Director of Marketing, Admission & Enrollment

Our Development Unit

Academic Development unit


The Academic Development Unit of Aljazari International Schools of Science and Technology works to create effective and lasting learning in line with our pedagogical philosophy. One of the responsibilities of our unit is to conceive, plan, program, implement, and evaluate educational programs. In our school, the Aljazari Academic Development Unit oversees the coordination of all essential departments and staff members as well as the design and implementation of a flexible, sensitive, and effective curriculum.

Science & Tech. Unit

The Aljazari International Schools' educational concept is based on our Science and Technology unit, which is still in full operation. Branch teachers, technologists, representatives of the scientific institution, and members of the school administration make up our unit.

The curriculum, clubs, activities, and competitions are the subject of an interdisciplinary research by the Aljazari Science and Technology Unit.


Languages & Cultures Unit


Different approaches are used at Aljazari International Schools of Science and Technology for the teaching of languages. With our courses, clubs, and extracurricular activities in our curriculum, we conduct theoretical and practical language acquisition investigations.

Measurement & Evaluation Unit

At various points in the educational process, the Aljazari International Schools of Science and Technology Assessment and Evaluation Unit determines the degree of knowledge, developmental phases, and remaining characteristics of our pupils. Our section employs a variety of techniques depending on the cognitive developmental stages to assess learning's memory, reflection, and mental processes.


Guidance, Counseling & Health Unit


Aljazari International Schools of Science and Technology has integrated counseling and health services into programs for students, instructors, support personnel, and parents. In order to support the student who views it as a full creature with physical, moral, social, and cognitive characteristics, this unit offers its services through one-on-one or group consultation sessions as well as seminars that concentrate on its work.

Our Quality Assurance

The three basic tenets of Aljazari International School's operations are :

  • Problem Diagnosis
  • Problem Solving
  • Development

We are implementing our paradigm, where our quality control directors serve as qualified representatives of our vision and mission. In this regard, the Aljazari quality and supervision unit assesses the information provided by the Teacher Council, Parent Council, and Student Council in order to fulfill our needs and expectations.

By establishing a dynamic organizational structure inside the school, quality management also boosts employee motivation. Within the parameters of the quality management model, the atmosphere that the school culture fosters has an impact on the growth of all areas.

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