Jl. Rd. Suhur Rt. 11, Kota Jambi, Indonesia


Aljazari International School for Science and Technology defines itself as a school with a futuristic vision of pioneering, due to its tendency to use modern and sophisticated teaching methods without harming the environmental and humanitarian aspects.

We focuses on the application of worldly acknowledged educational curricula in its principles and creativity in its methods in order to create a specialized and diversified generation.

In view of the pedagogic plan of Aljazari International School, it appears to be based on the most important principles of the twenty-first century, including technological and technical development, renewable energy and cultural diversity. School principals are keen to include these principles in all details of the institution, whether in the curriculum or work method or construction engineering and school campus, where Aljazari International School is primarily concerned with adopting an internal recycling system that eliminates the environmental damage of waste.


We seek to become a pioneering institution of the 21st century which nurtures a generation leading the development, dignity and prosperity based on our unique educational paradigm.


We aim to stand for life, human and universe and proud to have the ultimate islamic principles of wisdom and virtue.

Explore the World
Art Director

The fact that we are unable to go exploring outside does not preclude us from learning about magnificent worlds found in books or creating our own.

A School for Innovators
CEO / Founder

Our education program aims to boost the necessary skills of students to prepare them to be active and insightful citizens in the future.

Science Tech
CEO / Founder

Technology is the practical application of scientific knowledge, while science is the methodical study of the structure and behavior of the natural and physical world through experimentation and observation.

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