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By focusing on the development of students in fields like Renewable Energy, Computer Technologies, Robotics and Coding, Web and Mobile Applications, Model Air Tools, and Internet of Things, activities, which are our production where transfer from theory to practice, participate in national and international projects and competitions.

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It serves as a hub for scholars and generations with analytical thinking abilities to generate solutions to social challenges. Writing their thoughts and ideas in a variety of ways gives our pupils the capacity to express themselves in any field they choose.

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Language is the fundamental building block of idea production and a means of conveying emotions and thoughts. Every foreign language is a means of acquiring new information, culture, and meaning. The performing arts, mass media, and other forms of expression reveal themselves as a dynamic structure with activities.

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Through ALJ-Trail activities, our children learn to coexist peacefully with the natural world and all other living things. Our kids are psychologically content and raise themselves as mission persons because they understand how their actions affect humanity and future generations.

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Our kids can learn to manage their time well through the arts and athletics that are done alongside academic courses. Through music and extracurricular athletics, we build a vibrant school culture as we explore colors and shapes.

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It is a dynamic program that fosters individual skill development, sociocultural accumulation, and mental growth. Through the processes of gathering data, synthesizing it, and designing it, it has innovative content that enables data to be transformed into production. 

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A personality development program called PDP assesses a person based on his or her own facts. Through the steps of information gathering, portfolio construction, and execution, it displays every facet of the learner from a developmental point of view. Happy generations are raised with practical aims thanks to the PDP, where pupils are defined and promoted across all dimensions.

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Generations with strong social communication abilities can use the media for its intended purposes by understanding the communication technologies of the modern era. Through the use of mass media, our students are able to communicate their feelings and ideas, develop strong social skills, and engage in media studies that influence the future.

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Only after going through the application and understanding stages is knowledge capable of analysis and synthesis. As Aljazari science and technology schools, we understand how to apply our concept through ALJ-Labs, which are adaptable learning spaces. We help our students build their entrepreneurial, innovative, and design-oriented thinking skills through our workshops and laboratories.

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People get the capacity to interpret life when they are able to communicate their understanding. We, as Aljazari science and technology schools, give our students the chance to assess the institution's physical, academic, and administrative conditions. Understanding the requirements of social life and coming up with solutions to it helps our kids feel more a part of the school community.

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We give our students the preparation they need for college in high school, and they establish their expectations and aspirations for college at a young age. Our student groups have the ability to conduct university trips, academics meetings, and cooperative projects thanks to the successful university students who are chosen from various disciplines.

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Aljazari International Schools of Science and Technology, a school founded on the sociopark ideology, prioritizes community involvement as a top concern. Training of trainers programs are ongoing and ongoing through the teacher academy, TOT. The major objective is to develop trainers who are driven to contribute to continuously raising the caliber of projects that are given to the community. Participants have the chance to enhance their capacity as a trainer inside the ToT courses.

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